The Ten Commandments Of Finding A Revival Preacher

Why Invite An Evangelist?
 by Bro. Jackie Kay

When I was a pastor I was very cautious (and wisely so) when I was considering who to invite to come and lead in revival with my people. God blessed me with many tremendous experiences with full-time evangelists.

Some of the very best evangelists in the country came to our church. Junior Hill, Bill Stafford, and Kelly Green were mightily used of God to bless and stir our people. I regret that I did not use evangelists more. Evangelists are a gift to the church. Some are harvesters/reapers. Some are revivalists. Some are prophets. Some are encouragers and exhorters. Some are great Bible teachers. All will bless the church.

 O, yes, I have heard the “horror” stories. You know…the ones where evangelists “sheared” the sheep, or “hawked” their wares, or “promoted” their own offerings, or made unusual and unrealistic demands financially, or left the people confused with a shallow, manipulative evangelism that focused only on getting numbers down the aisle…Sadly, we have all heard those stories. But, Pastor, those are the exception, not the rule. There are many, many wonderful, godly, gifted, sweet-spirited servants of the Lord serving as evangelists.

Please permit me to suggest the following considerations when you are considering who to invite for revival. These might be called…


The Ten Commandments Of Finding A Revival Preacher

  1. Spend time alone with God seeking to discern the greatest needs of your people. Sometimes you need renewal. Sometimes a harvest. Sometimes a healing. Sometimes a stirring. Sometimes a shaking. Sometimes encouragement. Every preacher is different. What do you and your people need?
  2. Consider several possible prospects for your revival preacher. I believe you should consider an evangelist first. If God does not lead you that way then God will lead you to someone else. Ask questions. Who is out there that God is using?
  3. When you have begun to focus on an individual, check them out. Talk to several pastors with whom they have been. Ask the tough questions regarding professionalism integrity, dependability, effectiveness, genuineness, etc.
  4. Spend some earnest time with the Lord. God will direct you to the person He wants for you.
  5. When you get clear direction from the Lord, contact the preacher. As you discuss the meeting,be as flexible as possible in your scheduling. If God has led you to Him, He has a perfect time for him to be with you.
  6. When you have secured a preaching evangelist prayerfully consider having a music evangelist come as well. Please…talk with your evangelist before inviting an outside singer. Often, a preacher can share with you the names of several outstanding musicians. Sometimes there is a particular evangelistic singer the preacher likes to work with. Try to be as sensitive as possible to putting together a great team.
  7. When dates have been confirmed plan on beginning preparation, planning, and promotion three months ahead of time. The best revivals are the result of great prayer and great preparation.
  8. As a pastor, be sensitive to your opportunity to be a blessing to the servant(s) God brings your way. Do all things well, i.e., lodging, receiving a worthy offering, encouraging your people to earnestly praying for the evangelists God has called and is using, and being sensitive to their need to be loved and received while they are with you.
  9. If an evangelist has done a good job for you, and most of the time they will, tell others and recommend them to other pastors with letters of recommendation and testimonies to your other preacher brothers.
  10. Prayerfully consider inviting them to be with you again. If your people loved them the first time they most certainly will when you have them back. Evangelists need three things to be successful in the work…Revival Invitations, Recommendations from pastors to pastors, and Repeat Invitations. Every effective evangelist must have all three.

Pastor, every church needs those special time of renewal and revival. God often uses gifted and called evangelists to share in such a way that the Holy Spirit breaths new life, hope, healing, and hallelujahs into a church family. Would you begin praying about who God would have you invite to be with you and your dear people?