“Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth”
(Proverbs 27: 2)

Billy Henry
Bro. Billy Henry

"Randall Creel has been my friend for about 30 years. I have had the privilege of being his pastor for over twelve years. He is doing the work of an evangelist and has proven in word and deed, to be faithful to his calling. I recommend him as a conservative, Bible-believing preacher who has the ability to present the gospel with power and clarity."

Billy Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Edinburg, Mississippi

Rev. W. Tyler Pigott, Jr
Rev. W. Tyler Pigott, Jr

"A study will show that most Christians were won to Christ during revival meetings. The Bible says very plainly, "He that winneth souls is wise" (Prov. 11:30). I can think of no better evangelist than Randall Creel to lead a church during a revival meeting or special evangelistic crusades. Bro. Creel will deliver a powerful message concerning salvation. I have used him and have found him to be a great man of God."

W. Tyler Pigott, Jr.
Senior Pastor
Woodland Hills
Baptist Church
Jackson, Mississippi

Dr. Dan Lanier
Dr. Dan Lanier

"It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I recommend to you evangelist Randall Creel. Randall is a gifted communicator of the Word of God, he has a passion for lost souls, and a burden for Revival! He is an evangelist with the heartbeat of the Pastor and a love for the church. Randall is a man of God, who will be both a blessing and encouragement to you and your people. We are looking forward to him being with us at Northcrest!"

Dr. Dan Lanier, Pastor
Northcrest Baptist Church
Meridian, Mississippi

Junior Hill
Evangelist Junior Hill

"Randall Creel has faithfully served as a pastor and now has entered the field of evangelism. He will do a great job. Randall is morally clean, has a passion for souls and is conservative in theology. He is the kind of man you can trust. I hope churches will use him."

Evangelist Junior Hill
Hartselle, Alabama

Dr. Cecil Lovelace  (1944-2013)
Dr. Cecil Lovelace (1944-2013)

"It is totally without reservation that I recommend to you my friend and fellow-laborer in the Lord, Evangelist Randall Creel. I have known him several years and have had the opportunity to have him preach several revivals for us. He is a great revivalist/evangelist and will do nothing but help your church, should you choose to use him. He and Brenda make a very effective team as they sing and preach the gospel."

(Bro. Cecil is at home with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ)

Dr. Cecil Lovelace, Former Pastor
Goodes Creek Baptist Church
Cliffside, North Carolina

Bro. Michael Duff

"Evangelist Randall Creel is one of God's chosen evangelists to take the Gospel message to a lost and dying world. We need genuine humble servants of God who are committed to Christian evangelism. Our churches have had enough of the manipulative tactics used by evangelists. Bro. Randall calls attentions to Jesus Christ, not himself. He will be an encourager to you and your people. May our Lord give us more evangelists with the heart of Randall Creel. I commend him without any hesitation."

Michael Duff
Pastoral Evangelist
Springfield, Tennessee

Bro. Steve Purvis

"It is a privilege for me to recommend Bro. Randall Creel as an evangelist. He stays true to the Word, supports the pastor, and strengthens the church. I have known Bro. Randall since the early 1980's. He has preached several revivals for me and has always been a blessing to me, my family and my church. He has the type of sermon delivery that makes it easy for people to listen and then respond."

Steve Purvis, Pastor
Stanton Baptist Church
Natchez, Mississippi

Dr. Mike Routon

"It is a great honor to recommend Bro. Randall Creel to the field of evangelism. To all Bible-believing churches that love God's Word preached with unction, compassion and authority, you will be mightily blessed by Bro. Randall's evangelistic ministry. He is on the cutting edge and knows the pulse of the Church and the pastor. I have known him for over 12 years and know that he is a Spirit-led and filled servant of Christ. He will help churches at their point of need."

Dr. Mike Routon
Senior Pastor
Greens Creek
Baptist Church
Petal, Mississippi

Dr. Donnie Guy

"In Ephesians 4:11, Paul says that God gave some to be evangelists. It is not very often that those words can be said of a man. However, in the case of Brother Randall, these words are the most appropriate to use. He is truly gifted by God to be used in evangelism. I whole-heartedly recommend him to pastors across our Convention for revivals, conferences and Bible studies. He will bless your heart and the hearts of your church family. He is truly a man of God!"

Dr. Donnie Guy, Pastor
Coat Baptist Church
Magee, Mississippi

Evangelist Joe Royalty (1921-2009)

"If I were asked to recommend a preacher for an evangelist, my first thought would turn to Randall Creel. He is one of God's chosen vessels. He is a friend to the pastor, loves the church and hates the devil. He will come as near filling your expectations for a good, solid preacher of the Word, as anyone I know."

Joe Royalty, Evangelist
Petal, Mississippi