I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is

Every year at this time, folks begin to get a little sentimental and have warm, fuzzy feelings, particularly about religious things. Many hearken back to their childhood days with fond memories. They remember visiting relatives and all the wonderful smells that emanated from the kitchens. People can remember someone playing an old upright piano and everyone gathering around to sing a few Christmas songs. It was a wonderful time amid all the decorations. Times were simple and oh, so different then. But as I meditate on Christmas again this year, I’m reminded afresh of what I believe is the most important thing about Christmas.

My wife, Brenda, and I will be singing, and I will be speaking at a couple of Christmas banquets for Pastors and their wives in our state. It is quite an honor to us. One of the songs we will be singing was heard at a recent revival meeting. It is entitled, “I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is”. The lyrics are wonderful, because they describe to us that Jesus is more than just a story, He is the King of Glory! And the chorus repeats that “I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is”. This greedy world only sees and wants the economic advantages of the Christmas season, but not the Savior Himself. While up north recently, I heard an advertisement on local television station that promoted a “Holiday Parade” that would kick off the “Holiday Season”. They dared not use the word “Christmas!” I was tempted to call or email the station to ask, “Now which holiday exactly is being kicked off? What’s it’s name?”

The political correctness police are roaming about in America and “seeking whom they may devour!” I plan to say more about that in my next blog. Well, my point is this; I’m so glad that I know what Christmas is really about and WHO Christmas is really about. It’s more than just a sentimental story that evokes warm, fuzzy feelings. Jesus came into His earthly existence through a precious teen-aged girl, who was a pure, virgin. Her name was Mary. Jesus lived a sinless life, to die a cruel death on a Roman cross for OUR sins. He had no sins of His own. He was buried and rose to life three days later, in glorious triumph and victory over sin, death, hell and the grave! The Christmas story is about this and so much more. It is tragic that most of the world does not know the real meaning. Sadly, they will miss the meaning of Christmas for a few fleeting, temporal dollars and a few drinks, parties and gifts.

Friends, I have nothing to boast about. I have no goodness or righteousness of my own. It is only by God’s grace and mercy, that I can say of a surety, “I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is!” (And I really do know Him!) Say friend, do you know Him, or do you just know the story?

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