Every Knee Shall Bow

We hear so much about “taking a knee” these days, that I almost get nauseated. Not too many years ago Tim Tebow was lambasted for bowing down on one knee and unashamedly thanking God for the strength, ability and privilege to play football, a game he dearly loved. He was hammered, ridiculed and even threatened. But nowadays it has become popular to take a knee to protest ‘social injustice’ and other political ideologies. This is all done at the expense of disrespecting our military men and women who fought, sacrificed and died for this beloved country. The national anthem and our U.S. flag are shunned and disrespected as well. Ungrateful, millionaire athletes who are blessed to live here and make more money than they could ever need, should be thankful for the opportunities they have. If someone doesn’t like it here in the United States, I suggest going to Iraq, Iran, Russia or North Korea and try their arrogant, disrespectful behavior and see how that works out for them.

In light of this, I would like to remind everyone of a future appointment that we all have to meet. I want to remind everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, of an unavoidable meeting that all humans have. There will come a day, that everybody will bow both knees, not in shameful disrespect and protest, but in complete and unconditional submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ as KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS! Also every tongue will unconditionally confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. (See Romans 14:11). Even without the liberal news media cameras present, it will still happen. There will be no arguing and no protests. To those who reject Jesus’ free offer of salvation, it will be the last and most devastating decision they make. What people do with Jesus now will determine what He does with them on that day of final judgement. Jesus will either be your Savior or He must be your Judge. Read Revelation 20:15 to find out the rest of the story. May God have mercy on our blessed nation, that started so right, and now is ending up so wrong!

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